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Re: OOC Website changes


Good morning!

On 02.05.2010 12:04, Fabien Bourgeois wrote:
> 1. I believe that having our ML outside our primary domain isn't a good
> thing, especially if followers need a Launchpad account. The idea is to
> have our own ML, with Mailman or at least at our host. What do you think
> about creating a second ML, to mark out ooc-dev and ooc-users ?

I'd be fine with a mailing list on our domain (though I think doing a
launchpad account shouldn't take significantly longer than subscribing
to a mailing list). A mailing list on our domain certainly looks more
professional. We just should do the migration as soon as possible so we
don't lose too much history :)
Can we do mailing lists on our host easily?
Two mailing lists also sound good, though we haven't had any potential
ooc-users mails in our ooc-dev mailing list yet. I guess the future will
bring that.

> 2. A "free" consideration : it should be a good thing to pull out
> Twitter and migrate to Identi.ca, or, why not, to install our own
> StatusNet service [http://status.net/]. We can keep the Twitter account
> and automatically push the messages from Identi.ca I think.

No opinion here. :D

> 3. What are your opinions about the creation of a XMPP room ?

I think we should stick with our IRC channel for now. IMHO if we create
a XMPP room now, the danger of dividing our still small community is too
high :-)

> 4. What do you think about writing the website in OOC  : a good idea, to
> demonstrate a real world example; not a priority, practical aspects
> matters more... ?

Sounds good, but I agree with you; it's not really a priority, though
ooc-web is a very interesting project!

Thanks for your work here! ;-)


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