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Re: OOC Website changes


Le 02/05/2010 14:26, Friedrich Weber a écrit :
I'd be fine with a mailing list on our domain (though I think doing a
launchpad account shouldn't take significantly longer than subscribing
to a mailing list). A mailing list on our domain certainly looks more
professional. We just should do the migration as soon as possible so we
don't lose too much history :)
Can we do mailing lists on our host easily?
Two mailing lists also sound good, though we haven't had any potential
ooc-users mails in our ooc-dev mailing list yet. I guess the future will
bring that.

We can have ML on our host but we have to be sure we can retrieve the history and migrate when we want. The best way should be to install our own ML server, such as with MailMan.

But we will have to change our host for it, that's why I begin to speak about the website, languages and technologies which will be used.

I think we should stick with our IRC channel for now. IMHO if we create
a XMPP room now, the danger of dividing our still small community is too
high :-)

You're right.

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