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Re: OOC blog stimulation and wiki extension


Le 02/05/2010 14:38, Friedrich Weber a écrit :
We will create this pages in a special namespace of the official website
and, when they are ready, we will open editing to all registered,
allowing everyone to add and update their projects.

Good idea! Should we start doing this in our wiki or rather use a
special software somehow?

I think we will start on our current dokuwiki. I can try to prepare it shortly, I hope this week ?

Also sounds good. I have IRC, I think I was only ~90% of the last
months, but I'm not sure if we should publish them right now - IMHO if a
channel is going to publish its logs, this should be clear to all
participants beforehand. What do you think? ;)

I agree with you. Maybe we must ask from now, or maybe ircanswers is enough.

The first thing which can be good is to write a *weekly news* about OOC
and its ecosystem. It will need a lot of communication between the core
team, developers and the `communication team`. There is the IRC room and
maybe emails. But do you think it's possible to make another place where
the community will post short news about its projects ? It can be here,
on the ML, it can be special wiki pages, or identi.ca account... What do
you think about ?

Can't we do that on the blog, too, or would this make the blog *too*
active? ;-)

I think it's possible, but it should be hard outside of the core team. I'd like to have a system where most of the contributors can post very easily their news and updates (small as big ones). Maybe a news submission ? All ideas are welcome here :)

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