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Re: a new Community Team


Hi Nicolas,

> I like very much your new Technical Memo, having this before would have 
> spared me a lot of time, of searching how thing works.

I forgot to give the credits for this excellent material to Olivier. By
the way, Olivier just updated the memo on
http://www.openobject.com/memento/ and added a "cheatsheet" layout
As you can see, we also inserted a license to the document that adds
some restrictions to its use. This is due to the fact that we need to
distribute it through official publishers, as explained in the license

> What is lacking to OpenObject is a roadmap, to understand who is doing 
> what and what feature is short coming planned. Something to drive the 
> community resource.

Indeed, we are working on it.

Thanks for all your suggestions!

Julien Thewys