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Re: a new Community Team


Hello Olivier

Olivier Dony wrote:
On 03/02/10 06:58, mra (Open ERP) wrote:
I update the statement here: when loading the translations for a
language, openerp first see if the lang code and country code both are
same (fr_FR) then it will find "fr.po" but in case of different lang
code and country code then it will find its original name (with
underscore format) "fr_BE.po" ..

Mustafa, thank you very much for the update, I wasn't aware of this
small difference.

But you do confirm that if the user language has different country and
language codes OpenERP will still default to the language PO in case
there is no country specific one?
I.e. if user has pt_BR and there is no pt_BR for a module, OpenERP will
use pt.po for that user and not go back to English, right?

I haven't verified in the code, but if that's not the case, then we
probably need to adapt it.
Yes there was a problem which you have specified above. I have corrected it on trunk server branch you can update your code. Now for e.g in pt_BR.po if file is not exists in the module it will search for pt.po next.

And yes i also wants to discuss for some languages which po files are there in the module but do not appear in the list of language (wizard) so user can not load that language...

i think we have to correct this .
I will update the blog post with the exact behavior once I confirm it.


/Thanks & regards,
Mustufa Rangwala
Sr. Application  Engineer./

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