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Re: a new Community Team


On 03/02/10 12:08, mra (Open ERP) wrote:
> Yes there was a problem which you have specified above. I have corrected
> it on trunk server branch you can update your code. Now for e.g in
> pt_BR.po if file is not exists in the module it will search for pt.po next.

Thank you, this seems correct to me now.

I have updated my post to reflect the exact behavior.

> And yes i also wants to discuss for some languages which po files are
> there in the module but do not appear  in the list of language (wizard)
> so user can not load that language...
> i think we have to correct this .

I will come back to you about this.


@jan + @openerp-expert-localization: no offense meant, my original reply
was answering a question in community ML, and this indeed seemed like an
info that could benefit the whole community. But here you go.