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Re: Doubts about how to procced on testing OCA project modules for Odoo


2014-06-14 14:16 GMT-05:00 Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <pedro.baeza@xxxxxxxxx>

> @Nhomar, changes that you are mentioning are for v9, but for v7-v8 it's
> very easy to keep compatibility.

If I am not wrong and I understand well, this changes will be for V8 and
will be merged soon (Quentin words) but may be I understood wrongly.

> Indeed, automated tests can avoid the contras exposed for the
> double-version branch (check validity for both versions), so even better
> for this approach.

The objective of tests can accomplish with it if you want afford these

But my point here is (taking the tax PR only as a good example) is that
version by version you need evolve even in localizations "deprecating
things, optimizing others, re-using the core in others and so on." Other
example is the qweb reports which you must migrate, then honestly include
several "try: except:" or a lot of " IF": only validating versions instead
invest this effort in evolve with the core is what I think is not good from
my point of view (may be I am wrong), for example the new apiculture (which
is probable will be merged for v9 also, with backguard compatibility) then
evolve fast is less expensive in terms of effort.

It is my PoV may be I am wrong.

> What do you think?
> Regards.

Saludos Cordiales

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