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Re: Individual column filtering in Odoo


On 06/19/2014 01:27 PM, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero wrote:
I agree with Olivier that the way to go if you want to search directly for
certain field is to include it as a search field on the view, and going down
with the arrows, but please improve saved filters, recreating in the same form
as you put originally filters and group by options before saving the filter,
and not grouping them in one facet. This would be a very huge improvement for

Pedro you're right, and we have looked into doing exactly this: restoring the search state of a saved filter by splitting the criterions into search facets, etc. The problem is that filters are implemented as a (domain, context) pair in order to provide the best flexibility. It's great because you can make very advanced custom filters, but it's a problem if you want to map this to a search view state, because it's impossible (meaning: not computable)

One option would be to save some sort of extra serialized state of the search view when you save a custom filter, and attempt to restore it when you use the saved filter (possibly falling back to the current behavior when it fails).
This is far from trivial but would be very useful indeed.
If anyone wants to work on this, we could discuss it with @xmo-odoo, he designed the v7 search views.

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