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Re: Community Mailing List


2014-06-23 21:02 GMT-05:00 Martin Collins <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Looks green to me. The main problem I see with mailing lists is most
> people don't know how to use them properly anymore. I admit the large
> body of netiquette required for maximum effectiveness is not all
> self-evident, and many MUAs encourage bad habits these days, but the
> foundation is sound. Better archive searching and a 'lint for mailing
> lists' MUA plugin would be good.

​+ 1 for lint for mailing lists helping which text belongs to whom in which
color confusions.. ;-)​ or just zeroing out footers with those beautiful
however i think better tools are probably available, inclkuding
spellchecking, helping with translations (not all recipients speak
sufficient english to participate), and above all, better history search,
and superior threading. Tools finally matter, don't they? ;-)

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