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if we compare the statistics in odoo on issue categorizing and issue
resolution compared to other high volume projects, a benchmark
automatically might come to our mind.

I'm personally not able to set something up, but I want to drop this, in
order to strategically help crafting a healthy system dynamic between
contributers and publisher.

I found something here:

I'm confident the publisher would agree, to host a community benchmark
against the publisher repos. This might rise stress levels and quality
equally. I think odoo has changed name and moved to github, also, to become
something better...

However the community, which obviously is also very serious about it's
work, could implement such kind of statistics and occasionally benchmarks.


(look at number of forks, people, who merged and relation between open and
closed issues, see also total issues to open issues ratio on the issues

As a wise decision maker, I would look at such statistics as shortcutting
much unavailable information about the real project dynamics.

*Best* David

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