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Re: Suggestion, Idea for OpenerUpgrade project


2014-06-27 2:02 GMT-04:30 Cédric Villemain <cedric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Trusting close source is not better than reading open source.

Totally Agreed, but my point is not a matter of "Trust" and I think it is a
deeper point, I think sometimes Trust is better than create fake quick
expectations, that's my point only.

Everybody knows I don't trust even on my shadow in terms of source code,
but sometimes encourage wrong paths technically speaking and hide half of
the code trying to make users believe they are using opensource is wrong
too!, then IMHO (may be I am wrong) say explicitly "It is closed" is better
and transparent than say "I open source this but secretly I have the
version that actually works".

If you read the code proposed by David is a tool Half opensourced not 100%
opensourced because commercial hidden intentions and this is NOT good

I prefer a true that hurt that a lie that bring me to a lot of waste of
time or worst a "half-truth".

BTW: If we have difference in this topic It is positive, that's the success
of opensource too!.


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