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Re: Suggestion, Idea for OpenerUpgrade project


2014-06-27 8:50 GMT+02:00 Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx>:

>  I think sometimes Trust is better than create fake quick
> expectations, that's my point only.

Do you mean it is the case here with Nantic ?

> If you read the code proposed by David is a tool Half opensourced not 100%
> opensourced because commercial hidden intentions and this is NOT good
> either.

Have you verified this infomation ? Which part is not free software ?
If this code resulted from custom projects,as I was told, what are the
commercial hidden intentions ? I would go back to the author if you
confirm. We should now find many results of custom migrations,
shouldn't we ? but it seems few are published (yet ?).

> I prefer a true that hurt that a lie that bring me to a lot of waste of time
> or worst a "half-truth".

I personaly preffer true that doesn't hurt and I don't see why it
would be impossible.