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Re: OCA repositories naming convention


On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 4:20 PM, Joël Grand-Guillaume
<joel.grandguillaume@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is not a "light" topic.... I agree of the need, and suggest the
> following rules:
>  * Never put "odoo-" as repo name => this way, we have a github address like
> : git@xxxxxxxxxx:OCA/connector.git and not
> git@xxxxxxxxxx:OCA/odoo-connector.git => We all know that modules we make is
> about Odoo, no need to repeat that in the name. Moreover, if they change the
> name again, no more extra-work for us ;)
> E.g. odoo-travel must be just "travel" or in this case, because it's vertial
> : "vertical-travel".
>  * The word "logistic" is renamed everywhere with "logistics"
> e.g. E.g. "stock-logistic-tracking" must be "stock-logistics-tracking"
>  * We do remove the mgmt or management everywhere. It makes it simplier to
> read and use and what matter here is the subject. The exception is for
> https://github.com/OCA/mgmtsystem that stay like this as it correspond to a
> reality
> e.g. "department-mgmt" become "department".
>  * Remove "addons" prefix or suffix everywhere. We know it's about addons.
> e.g. "banking-addons" -> "banking"
>  * All PSC referenced as Vertical here :
> http://odoo-community.org/page/website.List are prefixed with "vertical-" so
> if we type vertical in the search on Github, we can have all available
> verbalization at a glance. e.g. "isp" become "vertical-isp" and "ngo-addons"
> become "vertical-ngo"

+1 for all the renaming here.

>  * The same for localization (here again:
> http://odoo-community.org/page/website.List). We prefix them all with
> "local-" so typing local will show all available one. e.g. "france" become
> "local-france"

As said by Nhomar, l10n is the standard "term" for localizations, so
I'm for l10n-france.

>  * All connector are already prefixed with "connector" so i'ts ok.
>  * For all others, verify that the first name is the name of the main Odoo
> official module like "product-kitting" or "sale-wkfl".
> TODO on every rennamed repo (as Guewen pointed out) :
>  - rename it on GitHub
>  - change the link on odoo-community.org
>  - change the mapping for the migration
> Anybody want to make all the work. Honestly we're running low on resources
> and already give our best to build all of this...

Only the users in the owners team
(https://github.com/orgs/OCA/teams/owners) have the credentials to
rename GitHub projects.

So I need one of these people to rename the projects:

Beau Sebastien
Eric Caudal
Joël Grand-Guillaume
Maxime Chambreuil
Maurer Luc
Nhomar Hernández
Stefan Rijnhart

Please, we need someone to devote himself so we can move forward, this
is a blocking position.

> Anybody that can give time here can answer here and take contact with
> Guewen.
> Thanks
> Regards,
> Joël

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