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Avoid duplicate PRs, port stable branches to master (Re: 8.0 branch for l10n-italy)


Le 17/07/2014 20:21, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero a écrit :
Well, my personal opinion about this question is that having an early 9.0 (or master) will provoke that people making PRs to 8.0 branch, don't make the same PR to the new branch, getting inconsistencies between the two branches, and having more updated the 8.0 one, or double the work to do.
For some time now the stable branches have been merged regularly into later stable branches and master and the new PR policy is to target the oldest stable release applicable. So we officially must not make duplicate PRs on official branches. ie: if a fix is applicable to v5.0, v6.0, v6.1, v7, v8 and master, you make only 1 PR targeting v5.0, not 6 PRs.

Shouldn't the same be done for OCA repositories?
I suppose git makes it easier than bzr used to.

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