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Re: Avoid duplicate PRs, port stable branches to master


On 07/18/2014 11:31 AM, Lionel Sausin wrote:
Le 18/07/2014 10:26, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero a écrit :
Yeah, that's ideally true, but if branches start to differ, maybe you cannot make a PR against another branch. For example, on spanish localization, if you make a change on 7.0, you cannot make a PR of this branch against 8.0 branch, because now there are some slight differences, and probably they are going to be bigger in the future: icons path, migration scripts... So the only solution is to make a PR of the same branch against all remote branches that applies.
I see your point, but it's not a problem technically, merging/pull does that very well and clearly identifies the conflicts. But the conflicts do exist even if you ask for several PRs, it's just that the contributor resolves them before he makes the PRs.

I agree. My point was just that now the master branch is useless and costly.

So my question boils down to: who is going to resolve those conflicts: the contributor (who has to do several PRs), or the maintainers. In other words: can CA projects maintainers afford to do this job, to make contributions easier?

Typically, conflicts have to be resolved by the contributor, when possible.


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