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Re: Webkit Reports future...


On 21/09/2014 17:02, Lionel Sausin wrote:
> Hi,
> The situation here is :
> - merge proposal for report_webkit have been ignored by the R&D team
> until after 7.0
> - R&D now accepts pull requests more willingly, but 8.0 is frozen so
> no feature will go in
> - pull requests for master will also be refused because report_wekbit
> is removed
> - OCA's backport branch "OCB" won't help us either because, since the
> features are refused in master, they would not be "backports" but new
> features.
> So, it's a bit absurd but I'm afraid we're deadlocked until at least
> v9 is released.
> Unless maybe OCA can make an exception by accepting new features for
> deprecated modules?
> Lionel

I'm not willing to do that, because I'm concerned we will get issues
with some addons breaking with OCB / Official and not with the other one.

The proper way of handling this would be to propose an *addon* to OCA
adding the papersize feature / report with no margin.

Then you can install that addon or not, depending on your needs, and not
break anything.

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