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Webkit Reports (and other deprecated modules) future


Le 22/09/2014 08:58, Alexandre Fayolle a écrit :
The proper way of handling this would be to propose an *addon* to OCA adding the papersize feature / report with no margin.
We tried that and it's a mess too. The original code is not modular, so that makes big chunks of copy-paste for every 2 line patches, and the modules won't even be compatible with each other.

So I see no other choice but to fork (and it's OK too). I can see 3 ways we can do it:
1/ each of us maintains his own branch until after v9 (current situation)
2/ we share a single module called "report_webkit_community" that will host a complete copy/paste of the official module, and which replaces all the standard objects at runtime (inherit without calling super() ) 3/ we make a feature-branch to host all our patches - those who want to use it can merge it on their own instance. If hosted by OCA, it could be be something like OCB/7.0-feature-base_report_webkit. Would OCA be willing to bear the burden of reviewing PRs on this branch - and the probable others regarding document_ftp, project_long_term, ... ? Then OCB would become "Odoo Comunity Branches" :)


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