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Licenses guidelines for OCA modules


Most developers dislike redundancy, thus, all are tempted to reduce the
size of source code by reducing or completly removing redundant license
from source files. [1]

Moreover, when writing a module you often have py files with only few
lines, thus the header takes a lot of place.

I think it is time to write down what we can and cannot do about AGPL

Actual common use is to attach the full header at start of each source
file. This is what is recommended by

To be said I'm completely against removing completely the header I think a
minimal copyright must be present in each source file to be read by the one
who opens the file.

To be minimalist, from what I read there thought, we could also accept
minimal header with license like this

# Copyright 2015 <author>
# <notice where to find full licence>

(with full license in __openerp__.py for exemple)
Exemple here [2]

Our options:
a. We keep full header on each source file. And accept only this one.

b. We define a minimal header template like this as an altenative (mostly
taken from David Beal's proposal):

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Author: <author name>
# Copyright 2015 <company or author>
# License AGPL version 3 or later
# See license in __openerp__.py or http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.txt

[1] More talks about it in:

[2] An exemple of minimal license:


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