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Re: Could oca adopt report_webkit before v8


I always install the webkit reports because they meet functional needs of
the users.

But when I have to write new reports I always use Qweb because of his
technical advantages.

I think a migration to Qweb is the future, but I know this is easy to say,
but it will give alot of work ....

Have I nice weekend.


Peter Langenberg

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Paul "Red" Adair

2015-03-27 18:19 GMT+01:00 choplin mat <choplin.mat@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi everyone and sorry to reopen this delicate topic.
> Now that report_webkit is not maintained by Odoo, I am not sure about what
> has been decided...
> *Is OCA going to maintain this module?* In that case, I think that the
> module should be moved to *https://github.com/OCA/webkit-tools
> <https://github.com/OCA/webkit-tools>* which seems to be the most
> relevant repository.
> *Or, are we going to migrate the reports to Qweb?*
> I fear that a lot of modules depends on report_webkit in OCA (through the
> dependency base_headers_webkit).
> For instance, I wanted to port
> https://github.com/OCA/account-closing/tree/8.0/__unported__/account_multicurrency_revaluation
> to the version 8 but I realised that I was stuck by this PR
> https://github.com/OCA/webkit-tools/pull/10 that could not be merged
> because of a buggy report_webkit that Odoo decided to not maintain. Some
> workaround have been proposed in this issue
> https://github.com/odoo/odoo/issues/2334 but I believe that this is not
> the proper way to fix it and I do not know where we can propose fixes for
> this module. *Do you know where to propose fixes for report_webkit?*
> In order to not be stuck in such situation (where the report feature
> blocks the whole module from being used) I was thinking to *always split
> the report features and the business features in separate modules*. So,
> we would still be free to choose which report engine we want to use and we
> will be less stuck when the editor moves to an other reporting engine.
> By the way, according to what you are thinking, it could be a good chance
> to update the doc here:
> https://doc.odoo.com/contribute/05_developing_modules/#community-guidelines
> (*how* *can we update this contribution doc*)?
> Thanks,
> On 22 May 2014 at 00:00, Raphael Valyi <rvalyi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello Fabien,
>> On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 10:16 AM, Fabien Pinckaers <fp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> > Hello Fabien,
>>> > that's cool to hear you may change your mind a few things you
>>> announced.
>>> > But tell us, that would of course never apply to the established
>>> > licenses under which all the contributions were made of course?
>>> > Even in case of emergency plan right? We have your word right?
>>> Copy/paste from one of my latest blog:
>>>   We removed the words "Open" and "ERP" from our name. But Odoo is and
>>>   always will be fully open source. Our open source business model is
>>>   unchanged. Our commitment to an open software and community remains.
>>>   And it's the same for ERP; Odoo's key priorities are still management
>>>   applications like accounting, project management, crm, inventory, etc.
>>> You guys are bothering me. After so many years, you still see the devil
>>> in every move...
>>> There are only a very few companies in the world like us, with a so
>>> strong open source commitment.
>> Open source is a buzzword used by many companies around to deserve
>> various kind of purposes.
>> My question was not about "open source" but about the exact license used,
>> that is AGPL.
>> That is a "copyleft" business even in the context of a SaaS model (which
>> of course is becoming predominant),
>> by opposition to an "open core" model that would be allowed by different
>> licenses, even the GPL
>> in a SaaS prospective (the loophole fixed by the AGPL as you very well
>> since you made the move
>> from GPL to AGPL during 2008).
>> Now why am I asking that? Well it happens that by 2011, regardless of the
>> contributions under AGPL,
>> OpenERP SA decided to unilaterally add a "pivate use" clause to the AGPL
>> license that you started  to use
>> just like double license i your Enterprise package. And you Fabien said
>> that eventually you would
>> just rewrite the contributions f some contribute would not agree with
>> that re-licensing.
>> One could always interpret contributions moving out of a project a bit
>> equivalent to anticipated rewrite.
>> So, I think I do have some legitimate reasons to ask you whether or not
>> you are committed to AGPL
>> or if you have some possible hidden agenda regarding this that eventually
>> may impact the business
>> of people making businesses depending today on OpenERP/Odoo.
>> You know, one could always imagine that the friendly community is all
>> encouraged to make these free contributions
>> as AGPL to the OpenERP/Odoo ecosystem and that in the meantime, tomorrow,
>> if some business
>> model fails say to sell the way it is planning to sell today, you would
>> eventually reconsider the AGPL
>> commitment and let financial investment take over the open source
>> investment.
>> Of course monetizing a public community asset (AGPL ecosystem) into a
>> private differentiated asset
>> (say non AGPL SaaS) is always a way to generate a some cash, just like
>> when a public company is
>> privatized.
>> All this is investment, whether it's money or whether it is code open
>> source code. And the "community"
>> certainly deserves the same commitment with its contracts (the AGPL
>> license) than your financial
>> investors get with their investment contracts. After all, investment of
>> OpenERP/Odoo "community"
>> weights quite a bit more than 6 millions euros...
>> So it sounds fair to ask for commitment to AGPL before community
>> contribute you more free code to your ecoystem, no?
>> So am just asking about that commitment and I think this is legitimate
>> from somebody or community who
>> participated heavily on the ecosystem investment of OpenERP/Odoo.
>> Sorry if you found it offensive, but my question about commitment to AGPL
>> was serious in fact.
>> Regards.
>> --
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