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Re: Could oca adopt report_webkit before v8


> Hello Fabien,
> that's cool to hear you may change your mind a few things you announced.
> But tell us, that would of course never apply to the established
> licenses under which all the contributions were made of course? 
> Even in case of emergency plan right? We have your word right?

Copy/paste from one of my latest blog:

  We removed the words "Open" and "ERP" from our name. But Odoo is and
  always will be fully open source. Our open source business model is
  unchanged. Our commitment to an open software and community remains.
  And it's the same for ERP; Odoo's key priorities are still management
  applications like accounting, project management, crm, inventory, etc.

You guys are bothering me. After so many years, you still see the devil
in every move...

There are only a very few companies in the world like us, with a so
strong open source commitment. After 8 years, you still think we have
hidden agendas. I don't know how I can explain it better...

These are the kind of attitude that makes me stop discussing with you
and focus on doing things / moving forward.

Fabien Pinckaers
Odoo Founder

Phone: +
Web: https://www.odoo.com
Twitter: @fpodoo

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