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satellite website domain request proposal


Dear PPB members,

I made a Drupal based project directory website which helps to collect
OpenStack related satellite project information into a well-managable,
searchable catalog. After some discussion with OpenStack community
members, (reed,mtaylor,
annegentle) they suggested it could be hosted as a part of .openstack.org site.

I like to ask satellite.openstack.org domain for this purpose, and a
server instance from openstack infrastructure pool to host the site.
As I previously discussed with Monty, my company can operate the site,
or if required we can provide
deployment and operation documentation and it can be managed by the community.

The site source code will be hosted on github under an open-source license.

Core features:
- new project submit form
- a searchable project catalog, backed by full-text search engine
- detailed project information page (project name, description, links to project
locations,tags,supported versions,etc.)
- comment engine (with a spam filter, and review process)
- editorial roles for selected community members

I have a project list for initial version, collected from blog entries
and mailing lists, so I plan to start it with a valuable content.

I hope this effort will help external projects to enrich the OpenStack
software economy, and opens the way for newcomers to reach the
incubate or core status.

 Marton Kiss, CTO