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Glance streaming [was RE: Use of IANA-registered port]


> From: Rick Harris [mailto:rick.harris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > streaming should be done inside nova-compute, rather than in a xapi
> plugin...
> do you _need_ the code inside a plugin for xs-snapshots, or will it be
> OK if we move it?
> If we moved the code into nova-compute, wouldn't that mean we're
> directing
> all image-download/image-snapshot traffic through the compute node?
> Swift -> Glance -> Compute -> XS-Host
> Since we're going to have far fewer compute nodes than XS-Hosts,
> wouldn't it
> be better to bypass compute-node entirely?
> Swift -> Glance -> XS-Host

I'm expecting precisely one compute node per XS host.  Are we talking at cross-purposes?  As far as I'm concerned, nova-compute runs on every XS host (and the same would be true if we were using KVM, as far as I can tell).


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