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Re: documentation of flags, introducing of a naming convention for flags


Anne Gentle wrote:
>     > a) we should create a useful documentation including all flags
> Agreed. I have taken a few steps in this direction.
> On the Docs site, this page contains all the flags, their defaults, and
> descriptions.
> http://docs.openstack.org/openstack-compute/admin/content/ch05s08.html

Great !

> I need specific questions answered in order to make this more accurate.
> 1. cc_host used to be a flag. If it's not listed in the --help output
> any more, is it just ignored and doesn't set anything? My guess is that
> it has been replaced with all the --ec2_ flags that indicate where
> nova-api is installed.

Yes, --cc_host has been replaced by --ec2_host and --osapi_host, same
for --cc_port.

> 2. It appears that --fixed_range and --network_size are not listed in
> the --help listing either, but had been used previously. How are these
> network settings handled now?

Those still exist: they are defined in nova/network/manager.py. I
suspect that flags that are not defined globally or in the bin/nova-* do
not get listed in --help.

> Also, we need to organize these in logical groups and then write "how
> to" sections for configuring particular scenarios with the flags. For
> example, the flags you need to set for volume management and the flags
> you need to set to use Glance for image storage.
> Thierry (and others who are interested), please see what logical
> groupings make sense to you and send them to me. I started to do this in
> Table 5.2 on the Docs site (on the page linked above).

On my TODO list.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack