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E4 - And So It Begins!


We are excited about the awesome work done by everyone to make E3 a
feature freeze.  Now it is time to roll up our sleeves.

To support the stabilization, here is what our team is focusing on.
Please help by running OpenStack and reporting bugs, submitting
patches, reviewing code, writing docs :)

Bug Squash Day

We are doing a number of things in preparation for the Bug Squash day
on Thursday.

* Triaging bugs - hopefully all bugs will have a priority by Thursday
* Tagging bugs with low-hanging-fruit if we feel that they are
relatively easy fixes - This will give the folks that are new to the
code base a place to get their feet wet:
* Preparing step-by-step documentation for installing a dev
environment, getting set up with the CLA and gerrit, assigning
yourself a bug and fixing it:
* Creating OpenStack VMs for people to use at the SF Bug Squash Day
Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/openstack/events/48362422/

Tempest & DevStack

Like peanut butter and (dark) chocolate - tempest and devstack go
great together.  Jay Pipes shared a presentation about getting started
with the OpenStack QA [1] using both of the projects together.

As we go towards Essex release, we hope that everyone will help with
testing!  Adding support to devstack for features you added/need &
adding integration tests to Tempest.  DevStack has a collection of
"exercises" which exercise the official CLI tools against your
deployment, but for depth of tests we recommend working with tempest

To encourage these this we will be updating devstack's integration
with tempest and working on adding/reviewing tests to tempest.

* Jay Pipes' Slides:
* DevStack + Jenkins:

Progress Towards Finalizing Keystone Integration

Keystone was a late addition in Diablo and there is still work being
done to finish integrating other OpenStack projects:

* Continued work on Swift integration and S3 support
* Remove nova's deprecated auth (internal user system prior to keystone)
* Update nova's deprecated auth migration to use keystone client
* Supporting merge proposal of the keystone rewrite

CLI Auth

Before Essex, setting up a system to work with OpenStack via the CLI
tools was confusing for as user (especially as our unified auth system
was just being integrated).  For Essex, all projects are working
towards a common method for specifying credentials & endpoints.

* Ensure support in all official openstack clients
* Update README/docs of clients
* Update openstack project documentation / manuals
* Update openrc generation by dashboard

CLI Auth Blueprint: http://wiki.openstack.org/CLIAuth
Horizon openrc generation: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/891851/horizon-openrc.png


If any other teams have big plans for E4, it would be great to hear them.

Jesse Andrews on behalf of the entire Rackspace Cloud Builders team

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