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Re: hardware specifications for a little private cloud


2012/3/26 Razique Mahroua <razique.mahroua@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hello Alberto,
> I would advise you to deploy as much as node as you can, and dedicate separate services. That would bring you the possibility to extend your knowledge on HA mechanisms, and really understand how services interact each other.

Yes I know, but we have budget limitations. OpenStack HA is not an
objective at this moment, it is a educational environment and we can
still use a whiteboard ;)

> Let's say you spawn an instance from the api server, while it's is launched on a compute node - which is one another server. By having splitted architecture, you won't miss the obvious ;-)

OK, but we are always considering 1 controller node and 4 compute
nodes, the main doubt is regarding storage, is it better in controller
node or in a external SAN iSCSI in a little cloud like this?

> What is the purpose of the lab ?

Sysadmin training. At this moment, each student uses an isolated
virtual LAN with Xen/KVM and shares some physical servers,  but with a
private cloud we can deploy a plethora of new configurations.
Furthermore, the cloud itself.

Alberto Molina Coballes
IES Gonzalo Nazareno