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Re: [Openstack-operators] Help with simplest Quantum setup possible...


Daneyon Hansen

On Mar 13, 2013, at 1:04 AM, "Martinx - ジェームズ" <thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


 Here: http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-network/admin/content/demo_flat_installions.html

 ...at the step "1. Install the L2 agent." but, what is the name of the Ubuntu package (I'm using Folsom)?

 ...apt-get install what?


 I thought that the Quantum L2 agent was the package `quantum-plugin-linuxbridge' but, this doc uses OpenvSwitch... So, I'm confused now...

As you know Quantum uses plugins to realize the network abstractions. Some plugins (such as OVS) use an agent to collect information from the Quantum db to implement the logical data model on the local vswitch.

 The following packages "quantum-server quantum-plugin-openvswitch quantum-plugin-openvswitch-agent quantum-dhcp-agent" will be enough for my `controller+network node'?
That should work for flat networking implementations.

 At the compute-node, I'll install only the "quantum-plugin-openvswitch-agent", right?
Correct. That package should install the openvswitch and other dependencies.


On 13 March 2013 00:58, Martinx - ジェームズ <thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

 Thank you for your time! I'll check it!

 I read that guide from Cisto once... Too complex.

 I also, tried the following guides too, appears to be like the one from Cisco:



 Anyway, at first, I do not want L3 or GRE. Only the most basic setup (Flat / L2).

 Do you know if my `controller+network node' server eth0 needs to be promisc?


On 13 March 2013 00:49, Daneyon Hansen (danehans) <danehans@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:danehans@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Make sure the quantum-dhcp and l3 agents are running and properly configured.  It sounds like either the q-dhcp agent is not functioning or connectivity between the dhcp agent and vm is not functioning.  If using GRE tunnels, test connectivity between the tunnel endpoints.  You should also see the IP's of your tunnel peers in ovs-vsctl show.  If your instance spawns successfully, console into it and manually assign an IP and ping the q-l3-agent and q-dhcp agent.  You can follow this guide for deploying Quantum with OpenvSwitch using GRE tunnels:


Daneyon Hansen

From: Martinx - ジェームズ <thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx>>
Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 8:14 PM
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Subject: Re: [Openstack-operators] Help with simplest Quantum setup possible...


 Just for the record, I'll stick with Quatum + OpenvSwtich... Someone on IRC told me that it is the best way to go with Quantum.

 I'm still needing help to set it up (Single Flat / multi=false, still the same simplest topology).

 OpenvSwitch is already working, bridges `br-int' and `br-eth0' created...

 My main problem, I think, is that my Instances doesn't get an IP (they supposed to be at 10.33.14.X/24).

 Everything else seems to be working as expected, no apparent errors on the logs... quantum net-create / subnet-create worked...

 I appreciate any help, tips or docs!


On 12 March 2013 23:34, Martinx - ジェームズ <thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:thiagocmartinsc@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

 Sorry about the double posting... I need help!     :-P

 I'm trying, without any kind of success, to deploy OpenStack with Quantum on its simplest scenario, I think, which is `Single Flat' with `Linux Bridge' plugin.

 My topology is:

 1 firewall with 2 ethX (eth0 public, eth1 and
 1 controller with 1 eth0 (<> gateway
 1 node with 1 eth0 (<> gateway

 Instances Network:<> (Instances gateway must be, same router of the physical servers above, NOT its own host hypervisor).

 I'm trying this:

 http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-network/admin/content/demo_flat_installions.html - doesn't work... Even enabling OpenvSwith (but I don't want it for now, only Quantum instead of nova-network, with Linux Bridge for the sake of simplicity).

 The following guide help me a lot (with Nova Network everything is fine): http://openstack-folsom-install-guide.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ - I'm trying to follow it, by replacing nota-network instructions, for Quantum instructions but, doesn't work...

 Any docs or tips?

 NOTE: I do not want any kind of NAT (like nova-network multi=true) or `Floating IPs' within my Cloud Computing environment.


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