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Re: I release naming (calling APAC community)


I agree to narrow down the names to Ili or Ichang. A word in pinyin starting with I is a mission impossible:)
My 2 cents are we can google map “Peking” and “Ili” which go to China. But I google map “Ichang”, it can’t locate to “Yichang” in China.
On Wikipedia, Ichang goes to the Yichang entry, too. But there is an Ili entry. Ditto for local website http://baike.baidu.com<http://baike.baidu.com/>.

Another reason is we rarely call Inner Mongolia as Neimenggu, rarely call Urumqi as Wulumuqi, because there are foreign words, not coming from pinyin. Ditto for Ili.

Replacing “Yichang” as “Ichang”, I also can figure out some of city names in China which conforms to that.  But I don’t know whether that makes sense:

Yichun �C Ichun 伊春市 in Hei Long Jiang province.
Yizhou �C Izhou 宜州市 in Guang Xi (This one is nearer to Hong Kong than Ichang)
Yicheng �C Icheng 宜城市 in Hu Bei province (the same province in Ichang)
Yidu �C Idu 宜都市 in Hu Bei province (the same province in Ichang)
Yiyang �C Iyang 益阳市  in Hu Nan province
Yixin �C Ixin 宜兴市 in Jiang Su province
Yizheng �C Izheng 仪征市 in Jiang Su province
Yichun �C Ichun 宜春市 in Jiang Xi province (two Yichun cities, the same pinyin but different Chinese characters)
Yibin �C Ibin 宜宾市 in Si Chuan province (a famous city producing white wine)
Yiwu �C Iwu 义乌市 in Zhe Jiang province (a famous commodity wholesale market)

I prefer to vote and let the community to determine the result.
And by the way, no matter how far both are from Hong Kong, they still locate in China:)
The rule is the place name in the state/country where the summit is going to be held.

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Good point. A long time ago we used to call Beijing as Peking, but the journalists now will always pick up the pinyin version: Beijing. Since we are after I, we are pretty much down to either Ichang or Ili. Should either one be chosen, I think that we should document the pinyin version as well. The difference of Y and I is due to historical difference, which we are all familiar with. For example, there are more Wong than Wang, Chan than Chen in HK.


On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Yi Yang <yyos1999@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:yyos1999@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
AS the official translation of the citiy names are Yichang and Yili, we are facing a risk to pick up a Chinese city name that most Chinese won't recognize.

If we really have to choose a city, IMO, Yichang (ichang) would be a better choice, as the Yili(ili) is more than 2300 miles away from Hong Kong, while Yichang (ichang) is (only) 600 miles away.

Just my $.02


On 5/6/13 5:00 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
Jacob Godin wrote:
+1 Ili
Thanks for all the suggestions ! We probably have enough place names so
that we don't need to extend the naming rules to things that are not
place names.

So far, the only suggestion that fits in our strict naming rules is
"Ili" (a city or county in the country/state where the design summit is
held, single word of 10 characters or less). To have more than one
option, we'll probably extend the rules to include other places (like
street names) in Hong Kong itself.

We'll go through name checks and set up a vote soon, I'll keep you posted.

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