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Re: API version in Grizzly


Thanks! Gabriel. I understood.


On 10-May-13 11:46 PM, Gabriel Hurley wrote:
>> When you say Identity v3.0 development is going on side-by-side so I think if
>> I have Grizzly setup with Identity v2.0 then it'll be upgraded to Identity v3.0
>> with Grizzly when new version is available in updates.
>> Though I might have option to upgrade it or not? OR Identity v3.0 will be
>> released with Havana ?
> I believe you're still a little confused by what it means to "upgrade" to an API. The API version(s) are an inherent part of a particular release. Grizzly features both v2.0 and v3 Keystone APIs. They're both there. It's up to you when you want to "upgrade" to it by changing your endpoints, scripts, clients, etc. to take advantage of the new API. There will be further refinements in Havana, but v3 is here now.
>> Another thing looks confusing to me in API Specification page
>> http://docs.openstack.org/api/api-specs.html, we have version number
>> mentioned with v1.0/v2.0 for some components (e.g. Object, Identity,
>> Networking) but v1/v2 for few others (e.g. Image, Compute). Is there any
>> special reason to not put ".0" in version for some components ?
> The inconsistency is legitimate, not merely an oversight. Keystone dropped the ".0" for the major versions in its URL structure. As such you would use "http://<host>:5000/v2.0/" for v2.0 and "http://<host>:5000/v3/" for the v3 API. Other services have chosen to include or exclude the ".0" as they see fit. Unfortunately right now you just have to look up what the proper numbering format is for a particular API.
> All the best,
>     - Gabriel