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Re: New code name for networks


On May 11, 2013, at 10:02 PM, Sumit Naiksatam <sumitnaiksatam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How about "netstack"? We had originally coined this name for the
> collection of quantum, melange, and donabe services. Melange got
> folded into Quantum, so we stopped using netstack.

If you want to start re-naming everything in OpenStack to be "SomethingStack", I guess you could do that.  But then you run into lots of potential conflicts with all the other packages, tools, products, etc... that want to use "stack" in their name.

To me, a "stack" is a collection of related but not necessarily all required objects, so the name OpenStack makes total sense.  NetStack would make sense if there were a number of related objects that comprised the whole, but if you're going to fold them all into Quantum/Kumquat/Qumkwat/Quark/Quartum/Q-whatever-tum, and they're all going to be part of one larger unified service, then I'm not so sure that it would make sense to me anymore.

IMO, you really only have two valid options here:

1.  Stick with something that is more or less like what has been done before (albeit with more attention paid to the potential trademark infringement issues)

2.  Switch everything over to "OpenStack Something", which permanently removes all possibility of confusion, at least once the project has been adopted

The sticky wicket is what you do during the transition phase.

Brad Knowles <bknowles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Senior Consultant

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