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Re: Swift questions


On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 7:54 PM, Mark Brown <ntdeveloper2002@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Thanks Chuck.
> Just one more question about rebalancing. Have there been measurements on
> how much it affects performance when a rebalance is in progress? I would
> assume its an operation that puts some load on the system, while also
> keeping track of  whether the original object changed while moving, among
> other things. Its probably not that frequent, but it would be great to
> understand how it works in the real world with large workloads.

There are no exact measurements on how it affects performance.  A lot of it
depends on how aggressively you are re-balancing, size of the cluster,
usage, etc.  A lot of replication will increase the amount of network
traffic going on and disk io.

> I did have a general question about container sync. Is it something that
> is used a lot, and works well?

I have heard of some using it successfully, but it does have some issues,
so I personally wouldn't recommend it beyond experimentation, and small