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Re: pytagsfs image support


Hi Rey,

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 04:32:34PM +0200, Rey Cyril wrote:
> For long, I dream for a such tools for photo management, but I am not sure I
> will have time for programming. As I spend too much time with my computer,
> my girlfriend is not so happy with that...

I'm familiar with this problem. ;)

> Some question :
>  - Where the base class metastore is defined ?


>  - How (and where) pytagfs know which subclass has to be used, according to
> file type ?

For testing, you can use the "metastores" mount option:

  pytagsfs -o metastores=pytagsfs.metastore.path.PathMetaStore,pytagsfs.metastore.pyexiv2_.PyExiv2MetaStore ...

(I use the underscore to make sure we don't have module name clashes with the
pyexiv2 library.  I think this may only be an issue with Python 2.5 and earlier,
but I don't remember.)

You could also place your implementation somewhere else on the Python path.
Just adjust the dotted name specifying the metastore implementation.

> Program I downloaded has no comment. Where can I download a commented
> version ?

True, pytagsfs code is a little slim on comments.  I prefer fewer comments with
clearer code over too many comments -- comments have to be maintained, after
all.  But patches adding reasonable code comments are welcome.  Patches that
make the code clearer and easier to read are also welcome.

You should use bzr to get the latest development code:

  bzr branch lp:pytagsfs

Here's a bzr quick start document:


Hope this helps.  It will be a few months before I have more time to put into
pytagsfs, but I will get back around to it to fix some bugs and get another
release out.

Forest Bond

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