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Re: Replacing manual line breaks (\\) with NOBR's


Hi, Tim!

> If we change to textile what happens to my journal? My working one
> goes to 2009 :)

Erm, I would not suggest switching over to Textile without a chance of
making a conversion utility. =)

> Only one feature I miss a bit - to make a comment, not showing in
> *view mode*

%This is to be a comment

 === (!) ===

Not quite by the way, Jendrik, perhaps it would be a bit useful to make
a certain "template" with all the possible codes, tags, examples, et
cetera which can be used. 
Name it "Tags test" and add there all the things that might be useful.
That's a bit more convenient than going through the documentation, and
it can be easily translated, just as any other preset template!
I'm sure that a curious advanced user will stumble upon that template
sooner or later. =)
Please add this thing.

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila E.

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