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Re: Feature request - Option to remove dates in export


Hi again, Jendrik!

> > Surely all the tags can be found in the documentation, but I think
> > that few people will ever read the documentation to look for such
> > things - except us computer geeks. =)

> Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. In the template menu you will find some 
> example templates. One of them is called Help and it contains some 
> markup. Can you find it?

Hm, the one called Help on my computer had no markup examples.
Same goes for the freshest version (I checked the source code, namely
the \rednotebook\templates.py): the template called "Help" has only one
tag example.

BUT when you make a *new* template or just click a Template button, RNB
pre-fills it up with some neat examples which really could be helpful
(see the part which begins with "=== This is an example template ===";
that is the part I am talking about).
So I guess what's needed is to copy these examples to the Help template
and to add a few other examples, like:

- showing the difference between a =Header= and a ===Header===;
- **//__combining the tags__//**;
- %comments (try switching to Preview mode!);
- erm, some quirks like using html, raw text, monotype text and all the
  other things.

Later on when you make relative image and file paths work, RNB could
auto-include a GPL-friendly image to show how these images work. A
smiley or something like that would be enough. =)

By the way, why making a separate template called "Help" when there
already IS a nice template that appears when you just click that
Template button? Maybe the only thing needed is just to refine that one?

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila E.

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