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Re: Feature request - Option to remove dates in export


Am 24.07.2011 17:56, schrieb MyO:
So I guess what's needed is to copy these examples to the Help template
and to add a few other examples, like:

- showing the difference between a =Header= and a ===Header===;
- **//__combining the tags__//**;
- %comments (try switching to Preview mode!);
- erm, some quirks like using html, raw text, monotype text and all the
   other things.
Done in the Next branch. Thanks for the detailed info!

By the way, why making a separate template called "Help" when there
already IS a nice template that appears when you just click that
Template button? Maybe the only thing needed is just to refine that one?
The Help template is about creating templates, the other text is about what goes into a template. I guess having the Help one doesn't harm ;)