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Re: Can't find tag cloud in 1.3


Hi again, Mel!

> <...> (TBH I never really understood the difference between tags vs.
> categories in Red Notebook.)

Well, tags are just that: small labels attached to something else.

Categories/entries (or subtags) are more specific and more classified.
In example:
  Buying a laptop > Info about good laptops
  Buying a laptop > What my relatives think
  Buying a laptop > Windows VS Linux: info

For me, tags is just a way to inform myself that there was something
from this sphere of interest in this entry.

"Oh, and there, like, was something 'bout birds, and cats, and stuff..."
"O-o-oh, I'm totally gonna watch this film, I like cats and birds!"

Category/entry style makes up for the absence of folders (a usual
feature for other journal applications, like MarsNotebook) and allows
me to collect some information in some sort of mini-book.
Category is a big chapter, and cat.entries (or sub-tags) are
paragraphs, in example.
And since I admire the structure most books have...

So TAGS are similar ALPHABETICAL INDEX in books (that list in the very
end of a serious book that tells you where certain words are
mentioned), and CATEGORIES/SUBTAGS remind me of TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Tags are less formal, while category system is more formal. And the
latter feature is the reason why I especially like RNB: it retains its
daily journal form while having some overlying structure.

> Not all my tags are showing up in the cloud though? Is that because I
> have tags with sub tags? (Oh god, do I have to go through all my old
> entries and retag them?!)

In 1.2-, tags were "Tags > TagName". Right now they, they are "TagName"
with no subtag ("TagName > {{nothing}}").
And there is no backward compatibility feature.

I do hope Jendrik is going to make a tool to quickly convert tags to
new format.
Or, could anyone please suggest an auto-replacement regex for this?

> My word clouds are kind of monstrous. I'm writing a couple thousand
> words a day in Red Notebook, at least. Sometimes that much each in
> multiple notebooks. I've been using tags with project names in order
> to find the notes I need quickly, almost like an index, or to add todo
> items as I think of them. (Pomodoro style, write it down on the side
> and get back to what I was doing.)

I think you really need to run a regex replacement if you want to
convert all the tags to the new format...

> Is there a way to have it show just tags, and show all of them, like
> it did before?

I am still using 1.2, but I thought there was something that let you do
this... Cannot remember what exactly.

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila "MyOtheHedgeFox" E.

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