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Re: Can't find tag cloud in 1.3


Hi again Danila :)

> So TAGS are similar ALPHABETICAL INDEX in books (that list in the very
> end of a serious book that tells you where certain words are
> mentioned), and CATEGORIES/SUBTAGS remind me of TABLE OF CONTENTS.

I use them in a very similar way. :) I hope I still can, and I'm just
doing something wrong, because right now I can't find any way to
continue using tags this way. The only way I have to see tags right
now is to go to an  individual entry and look at the side panel.

Having no way to get a complete list of the tags used in the journal,
they've become useful only as margin notes to the entry, not for
organization. :(

> Tags are less formal, while category system is more formal. And the
> latter feature is the reason why I especially like RNB: it retains its
> daily journal form while having some overlying structure.

Yes, I really like that too.

>> Not all my tags are showing up in the cloud though? Is that because I
>> have tags with sub tags? (Oh god, do I have to go through all my old
>> entries and retag them?!)
> In 1.2-, tags were "Tags > TagName". Right now they, they are "TagName"
> with no subtag ("TagName > {{nothing}}").
> And there is no backward compatibility feature.

I've tried adding new tags to some entries in 1.3 to make sure it's
not just a compatibility thing (tags vs categories) from my 1.2
notebooks, and the newly added tags are not appearing in the word
cloud either. Maybe I should be opening a bug report?

> I am still using 1.2, but I thought there was something that let you do
> this... Cannot remember what exactly.

Then I am still looking for it. I won't give up! XD

> Thanks for reading this letter,

Thanks for answering! :)


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