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Re: General Error(6) on DB-LSP-DISC


> I've built the rohc for x86_64 and get the following result on 11.pcap
> [snip results]
> How does that look like?

The result looks fine.

> BTW, I did now add (this was missed in my driver that is linking to
> rohc.ko) an implicit enable for UNCOMPRESSED profile, however I do
> still see error 6 on the UDP packet.

What are the parameters of the ROHC compressor (small/large CIDs,
MAX_CID, W-LSB width...) ?

Could you also please provide me the debug traces of the library for the
compression failure? You need to set a trace callback to the library to
get debug traces. See the following documentation:
 * https://rohc-lib.org/support/documentation/API/rohc-man-2.1.0/man3/rohc_comp_set_traces_cb2.3.html
 * https://rohc-lib.org/wiki/doku.php?id=library-migration#replace_rohc_comp_set_traces_cb_by_rohc_comp_set_traces_cb2


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