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Re: General Error(6) on DB-LSP-DISC



Found the bug:  broadcast context profiles were not enabled on the compressor.
Compressor init disabled ALL profiles then assumed some user space app would enable them from selection.
However, it only enabled the unicast ones )))

Additionally, we've not used the UNCOMPRESSED profile before.
I wonder if it can be kept Enabled forever in a system even if all other profiles are disabled...? For unicast? For broadcast? Both? If RoHC is switchable (On/Off) on the system? PS. Even with no RoHC mode selected for my link, decompressor profiles are all Enabled.

On 21/03/18, 10:20 PM, "Rohc on behalf of Didier Barvaux" <rohc-bounces+yakir.matusovsky=mimomax.com@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of didier@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    > I've built the rohc for x86_64 and get the following result on 11.pcap
    > [snip results]
    > How does that look like?
    The result looks fine.
    > BTW, I did now add (this was missed in my driver that is linking to
    > rohc.ko) an implicit enable for UNCOMPRESSED profile, however I do
    > still see error 6 on the UDP packet.
    What are the parameters of the ROHC compressor (small/large CIDs,
    MAX_CID, W-LSB width...) ?
    Could you also please provide me the debug traces of the library for the
    compression failure? You need to set a trace callback to the library to
    get debug traces. See the following documentation:
     * https://rohc-lib.org/support/documentation/API/rohc-man-2.1.0/man3/rohc_comp_set_traces_cb2.3.html
     * https://rohc-lib.org/wiki/doku.php?id=library-migration#replace_rohc_comp_set_traces_cb_by_rohc_comp_set_traces_cb2
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