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Re: General Error(6) on DB-LSP-DISC



> Additionally, we've not used the UNCOMPRESSED profile before.
> I wonder if it can be kept Enabled forever in a system even if all
> other profiles are disabled...? For unicast? For broadcast? Both? If
> RoHC is switchable (On/Off) on the system? PS. Even with no RoHC mode
> selected for my link, decompressor profiles are all Enabled.

I'm not sure to fully understand you.

ROHC does not really care about unicast or broadcast.

The Uncompressed profile may be enabled or disabled independently of
the other profiles.

The Uncompressed profile does not mean that the input network packet is
not changed into a ROHC packet. The Uncompressed profile generates
ROHC packets. Those ROHC packets are able to encapsulate all protocol
headers, including non-IP packets (such as ARP) or even malformed
packets. The compression efficiency is as best zero (or worse by 1 or 2


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