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General SchoolTool Goals for 2013


Here's what we'll be working on this year in rough order by priority:

1) Finishing and releasing new infrastructure for reports and asynchronous
tasks like long running imports, big reports, and scheduled events.  This
is more or less done but it is still a big packaging and testing job to get
into the 13.04 Ubuntu release.

2) Timely bugfixes.  We're not emphasizing big new development projects
this year, so it will be easier to turn around bugs as they come in.

3) Many more and better designed printed reports.

4) More and better designed (more data graphics) web reports.

5) Iterating on existing components, particularly the attendance journal.

6) Medium sized new features -- parent login, student enrollment statuses,
a few others.

7) Usability improvements to initial setup.

As always, your feedback is welcome!


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