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Re: General SchoolTool Goals for 2013


Jeff Elkner reminds me of another important goal, integrating SchoolTool

Jeff has been funding (personally!) Douglas Cerna to create a system
attached to CanDo that allows teachers to create online quizzes for their
students.  Individual questions can be tagged with skills in CanDo to
automatically update a student's skill rating in the gradebook based on
quiz results.

It is quickly becoming a very compelling system and deserves a full
description in the near future.

We're aiming to include SchoolTool Quiz in our 13.10 release.


On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Tom Hoffman <tom.hoffman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Here's what we'll be working on this year in rough order by priority:
> 1) Finishing and releasing new infrastructure for reports and asynchronous
> tasks like long running imports, big reports, and scheduled events.  This
> is more or less done but it is still a big packaging and testing job to get
> into the 13.04 Ubuntu release.
> 2) Timely bugfixes.  We're not emphasizing big new development projects
> this year, so it will be easier to turn around bugs as they come in.
> 3) Many more and better designed printed reports.
> 4) More and better designed (more data graphics) web reports.
> 5) Iterating on existing components, particularly the attendance journal.
> 6) Medium sized new features -- parent login, student enrollment statuses,
> a few others.
> 7) Usability improvements to initial setup.
> As always, your feedback is welcome!
> --Tom

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