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hello all


hi all team members

I just heard what i needed to know.
Because there is a GPL3 license on speechontrol.
there can not be made a not open source program from speechcontrol.
so Abhijit if you can put a time in what also is reasonble for me to come to
the speechcontrol channels.
i can give over the channels to you.
and then the people who wanted it all a long time have what they want.
then i will leave completly from speechcontrol.
btw michealH want come back only if i am not anymore in the team.
he have made that very clear in not very nice pm s to me.
cant say what was said because the well know rule pm stays pm.
the well known mouth dead rule.
so decide for yourself or you want MichealH back.
in my eyes jacky need to apologize to the one s who have done work on
if he wants to come back.
i don't care any more if it will happen to me.
but that is only my view on all of this.
and my view do not count.
let me know the times you can come in channels Abhijit
and i hope you will do your very best to finish the program.
in private you can mail me if you want  Abhijit.
i will sent you a mail from a company who had contact me for help to make
speechcontrol word on video recorders and on tv s.
they need help to look where it needs to have adjustments to let
speechcontrol work on there hardware.
they also are open source company.
i have more mail adresses from canonical and a italian company linaro and
will send them to you to Abhijit.
today have make me very clear i need to leave completly.
for who are also by sii you can give the message trough.
you will do it anyway.
sii can give a big party .
they have succeed to make me go away.
but speechcontrol is and stays open source or you like it or not.
if i notice speechcontrol is go to be not open source i will give it trough
on gnu project.
if you want to know what that is just google.
sure you will find them.
sorry to all who have nothing to do with this all.
i hope you all find a way to just make a awesome good working program from
you who not have anything to do with this all you all rock.
remember that.

greetings from manuèla popping
nickname hajour