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Re: License Compatibility Question


While we're talking about licensing stuff, here's another positive
development: as you might know, we're using a slightly modified
version of jpathwatch file system watch library. Since it is GPLv2
licensed and doesn't have the "or any later version" addition, it is
not compatible with GPLv3. However, I asked the lead developer if he
was willing to add the "or any later version" statement and he agreed
to do that in future versions :-D Thank you Uwe!

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 7:51 PM, Stefan Mai <ubuntu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I researched a lot regarding the licensing stuff before I chose GPLv3.
>> I chose it not because I believe it's the best license, but because
>> most other open source projects are GPL licensed.
> Just as a side-note, this has helped me tremendously with some of the code
> I've been working with, as I've been able to shamelessly copy/modify work
> from TortoiseBzr and other similarly-licensed programs without problems..
>> Here is how I understood it:
>> To my knowledge, if the a plugin/module/library is not shipped with
>> the original code, but in a separate package, it can (in most cases)
>> be used with Syncany. I believe this is similar to Linux packages with
>> different licenses -- as long as one package is only used by the
>> other, there is no(?) issues. If, however, it is integrated as an
>> essential part, there might be an issue (depending on the library).
> This seems to agree with [1]. Another option is to get explicit permission
> from jProductivity to include their product with the distribution:
> "If you want your program to link against a library not covered by the
> system library exception, you need to provide permission to do that. Below
> are two example license notices that you can use to do that; one for GPLv3,
> and the other for GPLv2. In either case, you should put this text in each
> file to which you are granting this permission."
>> So if we don't include it in the trunk, this shouldn't be a problem.
>> But of course it's always nicer to be on the safe side ...
>> Cheers
> [1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#GPLIncompatibleLibs