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Re: Syncany GUI


Hi again,

> I'm just saying that native libraries could a priori be downloaded as
> a gradle dependency (I'll try to test it ...)
Awesome ;-)

> No sure, i'm just thinking that tray menu is not necessarily a basis
> pop-up menu with menu items / separators. It can easily be a complex
> panel (see previous dropbox screenshots)
It could, I agree, but I don't see the benefits just yet. Let's start
slow ..

> or something like Hazelcast, which proposes observable maps / lists .....
> You just need to register to map/queue changes ....
It should be something that most clients/GUIs could implement, right? I
don't think that Hazelcast a web standard, so it's probably not the
right way.

So the options are:
1) REST with long-polling
2) WebSockets

What do you think?
Fabrice? Gregor? Any opinions?


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