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Re: Illegal file names


Hi Walter,

Le 12/12/2013 13:50, Walter Rudametkin a écrit :
> I would like to add that that you need to consider the operating
> system's character encoding, even among different flavors of *nix.
> For example, Dropbox silently fails to sync files among machines that
> have invalid characters for different encodings. Let's say machine1 uses
> UTF-8 and adds a file with an em-dash character (−), it won't sync to
> machine2 with ISO-8859-1 because em-dash is not a valid character.

Very good point, I've been bitten by this one even with unison. It would
probably make sense to store the encoding (available from the Locale, if
I'm not mistaken) somewhere in a per client configuration file. I'm not
sure however how to fix the problem apart from signaling it. Unison does
not seem to detect this.



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