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Re: Syncany now available as an official Debian package


Am 20.11.2015 um 05:34 schrieb Philipp Heckel:
> Hello Markus,
> thank you sooo much for taking the time to do that. It is very much
> appreciated. I already tried and tested Syncany from the experimental
> repo and it seems to work like a charm:
> https://github.com/syncany/syncany/issues/261#issuecomment-157799167

Hello Philipp,

I'm glad you like it.

> I agree 100% with your judgement with regards to the stability. While we
> have made tremendous progress, I think we are not mature enough for an
> LTS :D

Ok, then I will postpone the upload to unstable until the development
for Ubuntu 16.04 is frozen which will be on February the 18th.


> Yes it is correct to install global plugins in the same directory where
> the other JARs reside.

Thanks for the confirmation. Like I said I intend to package some of the
plugins myself, most likely the GUI and sftp plugin. Do you intend to
provide some kind of plugins-core source tarball package that includes
several important or well supported plugins? I'm not sure yet whether it
makes more sense to package each plugin individually as a separate
source package that builds syncany-plugin-sftp for example or if a
single syncany-plugins-core source package with several binary packages
is simpler to maintain.

> Our build process already creates .deb files and adds everything to a
> repo. Obviously it doesn't fit the Debian standards (yet), but it'll be
> a good starting point maybe.
> Check out:
> - http://get.syncany.org/apt/release/pool/main/s/
> - https://travis-ci.org/syncany/syncany-plugin-ftp
> - http://syncany.readthedocs.org/en/latest/plugins.html

Thanks for providing Debian support already. I had to make only a few
tweaks but in general everything works fine.

> Please let me know if we can make the original repo more Debian-standard
> compatible so your work will be easier.

Debian only cares about the source tarball releases from Github because
that's what we distribute. So feel free to organize the repo in any way
you may see fit. Only two remarks about the source tarball:

The tarball contains a wrapper.jar file which I have to remove because
the corresponding sources are not available and Debian requires source
for everything. It is also in general of not much use for Linux
distributions. I know it is one of gradle's quirks (features) but if you
can get rid of it, please do. If you can't or don't want to then it is
not a big deal but Debian can't distribute the pristine tarball as is.

gradle clean doesn't work for me. I would have expected that there is
some kind of command that cleans the build directory and restores
everything into a clean state. Currently I have to remove class and jar
files manually in debian/rules. This is not critical but would be nice
to have.

> Thanks again!

You're welcome.



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