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Re: Syncany now available as an official Debian package


Hello Markus,

apologies that it took so long for me to respond. But I suppose we're not
in a hurry so it's hopefully not too bad.

I am still very excited about this. It's something that I never thought
possible :-)


Ok, then I will postpone the upload to unstable until the development
> for Ubuntu 16.04 is frozen which will be on February the 18th.

I have marked the date in my calendar, so that we can upload after that.

Thanks for the confirmation. Like I said I intend to package some of the
> plugins myself, most likely the GUI and sftp plugin. Do you intend to
> provide some kind of plugins-core source tarball package that includes
> several important or well supported plugins? I'm not sure yet whether it
> makes more sense to package each plugin individually as a separate
> source package that builds syncany-plugin-sftp for example or if a
> single syncany-plugins-core source package with several binary packages
> is simpler to maintain.

The thought of combining the important plugins has crossed my mind several
times, but since it's really subjective what the important plugins are, I
have not yet dared to make a step like that.

That said, if it makes your life a lot easier (and Pim & Christian don't
object), I am definitely willing to change that.

Keep in mind though that the dependencies for these package are very
plugin-specific, e.g. an FTP library for an FTP plugin, a WebDAV library
for the WebDAV plugin, etc. -- I'm not sure if that matters for the source
package though...

The tarball contains a wrapper.jar file which I have to remove because
> the corresponding sources are not available and Debian requires source
> for everything.

I've created a ticket for that here:

> gradle clean doesn't work for me.

That is strange. "./gradlew clean" deletes the "build" directory, so that
shouldn't be an issue. To get to the original repo state, I normally run
"./gradlew clean cleanEclipse", but I just saw that that also leaves
".gradle", ".metadata" and ".recommenders" as a directory behind.

I've created another ticket for that:

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