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Re: Snowy synchronization branch


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 3:59 PM, Sandy
Armstrong<sanfordarmstrong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Out of curiosity, does your web-sync branch handle server-side
> deletes?  I'm guessing not, since a quick grep in the source code
> indicates that you're not tracking the last sync revision.  This also
> means that every time you sync, you are getting every single note on
> the server.  You could save bandwidth by tracking the last sync
> revision, and only getting note updates since that revision (this
> would also allow you to process deletes if you wanted to).

You're right, it doesn't support that at the moment. I will handle
that as soon as I get the note guid stored in the database. There's
still one thing I didn't quite get about the remote note deletion. The
examples of GET requests on http://domain/api/1.0/user/notes don't
mention note deletion. Is that an omission or should I be able to
infer the deleted notes from the response (in that case, I don't see
how I could do that)?



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