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Re: Introducing myself


Hi everybody,

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 5:25 AM, Olivier Bilodeau

> On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 6:01 AM, bacatta <bacatta@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I am interested in tomdroid and I want to help, especially the web-sync
>> branch, because I think tomdroid is useless without it !
Nice to have you on board, the web-sync branch is a start but it is far from
being finished. I could use your help. However, it would be good if you
could wait until the end of this weekend before starting any work on top of
the web-sync branch, for the reasons outlined below.

If you are interested in working on the web-sync branch, I would suggest
> that you branch of it and try to integrate it with the trunk series. Here's
> the story:
> Benoit did the database redesign, then he went on and created the web-sync
> on top of it (in a separate branch). I merged his database work for 0.3 but
> made *a lot* of changes to it. This means that web-sync specific changes
> would need to be re-based on top of 0.3.1.

<vcs troll>This really makes me regret we aren't using git, I'm using it at
work and rebase is more awesome than you can imagine. This is definitely not
a call to switch to git, I found bazaar much more easy to grasp at the
beginning.</vcs troll>

> It could be just a matter of doing a bzr merge with trunk, fixing the
> conflicts and making sure nothing broke.

I really like how you make it sound simple ;-) . I tried that and it was a
mess, mostly because I moved files in the web-sync branch and bazaar refused
to cope with the additional changes you stacked on these.

I ended up with starting from the main branch, copying the files of the
web-sync one and selectively committing the results. This was much easier to
do, but I'm afraid that every soul who got the code off my web-sync branch
will have to download it again. This being said, I did not see any related
branches on Launchpad so I assumed that nobody had worked on top of it.

I didn't push it for now because I didn't really test the result of the
merge and waited for Ubuntu One not to return an empty note content for
every single note I uploaded :-/ . I'll get a Snowy instance working on my
machine this weekend to test everything and will hopefully push the
resulting code to Launchpad.

Thanks for your interest!
> As a side note, this project is attracting a lot of people from France, I
> wonder why is that? Maybe my french-styled english? :)

Nay, it's because us French people are attracted by shiny things (why else
would we call Paris the city of lights?) and Tomdroid IS shiny. As a related
note, I wanted to submit a proposal to change the default background from
black (which is boring) to a bright and shiny yellow, with the note titles
in red. In case it would be rejected, I'm ready to play my trump card: put
the French flag in the background. Tomdroid has a bright future, I tell you


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