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Re: Introducing myself


> It could be just a matter of doing a bzr merge with trunk, fixing the
>> conflicts and making sure nothing broke.
> I really like how you make it sound simple ;-) . I tried that and it was a
> mess, mostly because I moved files in the web-sync branch and bazaar refused
> to cope with the additional changes you stacked on these.

Hehe I knew it wasn't that simple but I didn't want to scare off a potential
contributor :)

There is most likely a way to do it cleanly with bzr since they always brag
about the fact that they handle renames better than other dvcs. However, it
would need experimentation.. I did try a simple merge like you mentioned and
it was scary so I decided to leave the work to you. :)

I didn't push it for now because I didn't really test the result of the
> merge and waited for Ubuntu One not to return an empty note content for
> every single note I uploaded :-/ . I'll get a Snowy instance working on my
> machine this weekend to test everything and will hopefully push the
> resulting code to Launchpad.

Send us an email when you push the code! I listened yesterday to the FLOSS
weekly episode on Ubuntu One[1] featuring Mister Langridge of the LugRadio
fame and I realized how easy I could install it and try the web-sync branch.

For some reason, I was thinking that none of this worked already and so
never bothered to try it.

But now I can't wait!! So as soon as you re-based let me know and I'll test.

>  As a related note, I wanted to submit a proposal to change the default
> background from black (which is boring) to a bright and shiny yellow, with
> the note titles in red. In case it would be rejected, I'm ready to play my
> trump card: put the French flag in the background. Tomdroid has a bright
> future, I tell you that!

Lol, you know what? Yellow is the new black! I wonder if a color will be
enough or if we would need a texture..? Let's experiment. But I'll leave
that to you, I really want editing and sync to work...

Have a good week-end everyone!
[1] http://www.twit.tv/floss99
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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